British media blame Israel for Gaza’s economic woes. Gazans blame Hamas and the PA

British media reports about economic problems in Gaza are as predictable as they are ubiquitous, with most outlets attributing the Palestinian controlled territory’s poverty – and the slow pace of reconstruction – solely to Israel’s “crippling blockade”.  We’ve often noted that this myopic Israel-centered explanation denies Palestinian agency, and conflates the true cause of Gaza’s woes (Hamas’s decision to use scarce resources to import weaponry, produce rockets, build attack tunnels and launch terror) with the effect of that decision (the Israeli and Egyptian blockade).

This narrative has been woven into coverage of the weekly border riots known as The Great Return March. Despite the fact that stated goals of the Hamas organised violence is to achieve the Palestinian ‘right of return’ to Israel, more often than not reporters tell news consumers that the unrest is driven in large measure by opposition to Israel’s blockade.

The following paragraph, in…

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The Roundup–“Like Water For Chocolate”

Cook the Books Club

Time to round up the wonderful dishes inspired by the classic foodie novel: “Like Water for Chocolate” by Laura Esquivel. There were varying reactions to the book, some loved it, some liked it and for others it just wasn’t their cup of tea (or hot chocolate!). Regardless of how our members reacted to the fanciful fairy tale-like plot, it certainly sparked creativity and inspired some delicious Mexican dishes!

The talented Claudia of Honey From Rock was inspired to research the elusive Champandongo, a layered meat casserole from the book. Claudia says, “It reminded me a bit of an ancient Greek tragedy, only with more sex and magic, besides recipes, which is usually fun. So, for a strange tale, I thought an unusual concoction was called for here.  Something not seen on the ordinary Mexican restaurant menu, and, one I’d never made or heard of.  My research…

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Dublin’s Lord Mayor should resign


Few diplomatic incidents from recent Irish history have weakened Ireland’s credibility on the world stage like that of Mícheál Mac Donncha’s visit to the West Bank.

The Lord Mayor of Dublin was initially barred from entering Israel due to his dalliances with the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign, an organization whose members are taken to praising Hezbollah cross border raids against Israeli soldiers and its support for Hamas, the democidal rulers of the Gaza Strip. Mac Donncha, a Sinn Féin Councillor, managed to worm his way past Israeli customs officials by sheer luck. His full Irish language title, Ardmheara Mícheál Mac Donncha, was mistakenly taken as his full name on a customs interdiction order.

Mac Donncha. Mufti Mac Donncha at the Ramallah Conference. (COGAT)

Mac Donncha proceeded to enter the West Bank and attend the 9th International Conference on the Status of Jerusalem. In a bizarre interview given to AP following the…

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