THE BIBLE and CALAMUS vs. CANNABIS:

With the Hebrew words for “calamus” and “cannabis” so similar, and the fact that calamus is of lesser value and also toxic, we must question the validity of the term “calamus” in English versions of Scripture. 

The word calamus is found in the KJV three times:
Exodus 30:23 God telling Moses the formula for the anointing oil (250 shekels worth.)
KJV-sweet calamus
NKJV-sweet-smelling cane
ESV-aromatic cane
NASB-fragrant cane
Song of Solomon 4:14, speaking of it in a refreshing garden
Ezekiel 27:19 speaking of cane as merchandise.

The KJV translates the Hebrew word “qaneh” (pronounced kaw-naw’) into “calamus.”  Per Strong’s Concordance, “qaneh” means “a reed (as erect); by resemblance a rod (especially for measuring) shaft, tube, stem, (the radius of the arm) beam (of a steelyard): – balance, bone, branch, calamus, cane, reed, spearman, stalk.”

The Hebrew word for “calamus” is “kanah…

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I’ve been locked out of my Twitter account (yael58)

Hi Solo,

I wanted to let you know I’ve been locked out of my Twitter account. They said it was because they saw “undue and suspicious activity” in my newsfeed several days ago. Unfortunately, because my mobile was stolen last week, I can’t even provide them to text me the new security or whatever it is the hell they want. I could only visit the help section and have them inform me by email what I can do–and that may take several days yet.

So in case you don’t see me there in a bit. Also, I am facing homelessness again for the third time in 2-3 months. I’m just getting so tired of this shit. I’ve felt like killing myself as I’m almost 57, alone, no prospects, no family, etc. I’m just at my wits’ end.

So if you would, please pray for me.

If you’d like to reach me by email, it is I will try to keep the damn box cleaned out.

Hope to see you soon,

Love, Jeannie